Ethereum Maybe Below 90% But ICO Investors are Up Over 400x

The market limit, the price of the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum is perhaps 90% lower than its historical maximum price of more than $1,400. But ICO investors still exceed 400 times their initial investment.

Could you suggest that Ethereum has a much higher place to fall, even though most of its 2017 bull profits are already fading?

Ethereum investors Still Up Over 400x On Initial Investment

Ethereum today dominates the cryptocurrency market with bitcoin and ripple. The big investment is the first investment option for those who consider exploring the world of crypto assets.

But compared to bitcoin, Ethereum is relatively young, born of an early minting that dates back to 2015. At the time of the launch of the altcoin project. It was available to initial ICO investors for only 30 cents per ETH.

In today’s prices, as a crypto analyst points out, ICO investors are still worth 400 times their initial investment. Suggesting that Ethereum’s price has fallen significantly in the last two years, with the first investors making maximum profits. You can continue with cash. , The price of crypto-asset number two is getting lower due to market capitalization.

ICO investors can still dump ETH at a strong profit

Ethereum shot at high value of $1,400 at the height of the crypto bubble due to the rise of Ethero. Ethereum was born from an ICO, but then it became a de facto crowdfunding platform to launch new ICOs in the form of ERC-20 tokens.

Hoping to get the next Bitcoin on the ground floor, Ethereum was bought at any cost for investors to trade quickly. In exchange for the initial use of pre-order and dreamed of getting rich.

But those dreams quickly turned into nightmares, as ICO investors quickly realized that they offered a coin night by night with almost no use or utility, and whose value in interest in the crypto industry Once the fast decline had begun.

ICO investors began downloading altcoins on drums, lowering the price of almost all altcoins in the market. Even Ethereum sold 90% of its profits.

Like the first ICO investors who obtained new currencies during the ICO 2017 boom. The first Ethereum investors now have a decision: to expect Ethereum’s price to reach a record high, or Now there is cash out there. It is still safe to receive benefits.

If Ethereum continues to fall, even the first ICO investors can begin to reduce and take advantage of the few remaining profits.