Tezos Comes in Top Ten Crypto as Fundamentals Improve

It has been another largely fruitless day for most crypto assets, but one is proceeding independently. Tezos has just reached the top ten as the fundamentals of this altcoin continue to improve.

All changes in crypto top ten

Tezos has caught fire again today and is in the top ten with an increase of 18%. From an intraday low of around $ 1.55, the XTZ increased further to exit at $ 1.83 a few hours before a brief setback.

According to CoinMarkCap, the daily volume has increased from $ 70 million to $ 117 million and again Binance and OKEx are taking most of the trade. The measure allowed Texas to change Stellar for the top ten position, as its market capitalization reached $ 1.2 billion.

Stellar has retired from the top ten, as he falls again today. The XLM has been dumped throughout the year and has fallen by 54% since January 1.

Tezos has also been one of the best performing encryption assets of 2019, with an increase of 280%. Crypto assets have increased by 40% in the last week, while most of the people around them are dumping.

Fundamentals of Tezos

Another exchange has just joined the offer of Texas. Kraken announced that there would be opportunities to win 6% by stopping the XTZ in the exchange.

There are already opportunities available in two of the world’s leading encryption exchanges, Coinbase and Binance. Last week, Binance announced that it would support zero-rate Tezos and is advancing education in Coinbase XTZ, giving it a bit of distance to watch videos on it.

According to Bit Insider and the CEO of Three Arrow Capital, Su Zhu, 10 Bitwise large-capitalization crypto index funds have also abandoned their holdings of XLM in favor of XTZ.

The fund replaced Dash with Tejos earlier this month and it is likely that others like the Crypto 20 fund will also follow him, as the token continues to outperform his brothers.

The shared test is likely to increase in popularity, as investors will simply keep them for purposes. Tezos has a representative system, under which headlines do not need the full amount to join the bakers and can join the accumulation group to receive their rewards.

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